The 5 Advantages of Custom Drapery

Custom drapery is one of my favourite things to design. In my opinion, there is nothing quite like beautiful window treatments to take a room to the next level!

Design-wise, draperies add texture, softness, and elegance to a space. Without them, a room can often feel unfinished and even cold. From a practical standpoint, they can help filter or block light, unsightly views, and noise.

Until you have experienced the difference for yourself, you might wonder why you should make the investment in custom drapery instead of purchasing something ready made. Certainly, buying something off the shelf is usually faster and less expensive. That said, the advantages of custom drapery are many, and they make a big difference in the end result.

Here are some of the biggest benefits of custom drapery:

1 Size


When it comes to drapery, size matters. Ready made draperies come in a few standard widths and lengths, which may or may not fit your windows. There is nothing worse than panels that are too short! When designing custom draperies, I always consider the ceiling height, rod placement, and amount of space on either side of the windows to determine the ideal size and scale to accentuate the height and width of the room. 

2 Fabric


Fabric can make or break your window treatments. Custom drapery gives you endless options for fabric, and your designer can guide you to the ones that will work best for your needs. In addition, unless they are sheers, custom panels are typically lined, which protects the fabric from sun damage and helps them hang perfectly. 

I love to use drapery fabric as a jumping off point for the room design, taking inspiration from the colour and pattern to create visual impact and bring a room to life.

3 Pleats

One of the biggest differences between ready made and custom drapery is the fullness, which is created by pleating the fabric at the top of the panels. Professional pleating results in drapery panels that hang beautifully even when closed, whereas ready made can appear flat. The additional fullness creates a luxurious feel that elevates the entire room.

4 Hardware

Drapery hardware is like jewelry for your room. When you go custom, you get beautiful rods and rings that are sturdy and easy to operate. Custom drapery hardware comes in many materials and finishes to complement any design style.

5 Uniquely yours


Above all, your home and needs are unique, and choosing custom drapery ensures that you get a solution that is tailor-made for your space and lifestyle. This is what truly makes a room sing!

Here’s what one of my clients had to say about her custom drapery project:

Working with Natalie made the design and implementation process seamless and easy. We had a vision of what we wanted and she was able to take our vision and make it happen. She listened to us, grasped what we wanted and brought back a finished product that we are very happy with, no doubt saving us a lot of headaches and time.

Brigitte Dionne, Ottawa

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