5 Benefits of Full-Service Design

If you have a renovation or decorating project in mind, you want the end result to be something you’ll be delighted with – while staying on budget. The decision to work with a designer can make all the difference. Here are the top five benefits of hiring a full-service design expert shared with us by happy clients.

1 It saves you time – and maybe even money.

Instead of spending your evenings and weekends sourcing solutions, your designer will do the research for you and present you with the best options to fit both your style and your budget. And when it comes to renovating, mistakes can be costly. With your designer’s help, you’ll know exactly how your space will look before you move forward. 

The task was daunting and we were exhausted just thinking about it. We had never hired an interior designer and were very hesitant to spend money on what seemed like such a luxury, but after a quick telephone conversation with Natalie Cox of CPI Interiors, we felt so comfortable with her that we took the leap – and never looked back! 

2 Gives you confidence.

With an experienced designer on your team you can relax knowing that the solutions presented are great quality, sourced from time-tested, reliable suppliers. 

We were nervous about getting the quality that we wanted, while ensuring that all the purchases worked together in our space. We had a basic idea of what we wanted but felt overwhelmed by the myriad of choices available. After our initial meeting with Natalie, we were totally convinced that she understood the style that we were looking for, even as we struggled to describe it. She listened to our ideas and came back with a plan that reflected our tastes perfectly.

3 Saves you stress.

No wondering and worrying if everything will work together and fit in the space – your designer will act as project coordinator bringing together all the pieces so you can relax.

Natalie is extremely good at giving her clients not only what they say they want, but what they actually need, which may or may not be the same thing at times. This is how Natalie ends up paying for herself – we avoided several costly mistakes we would have regretted thanks to her!

4 You get the designer look.

Even if the look you want is more “homey” than magazine cover stylish, Natalie “gets it” and the finished result will be exactly what you wanted.

We didn’t want a “designer house”, we wanted a “home”, and Natalie got that right away. She was able to create beautiful spaces that flow, while still making functionality a priority.

5 Peace of mind.

At every step in the process, your designer will make sure that what you have envisioned will become a reality. From concept to research, through ordering and installation you can relax knowing that your knowledgeable designer has your back. If pieces are back ordered or discontinued, your designer will offer alternate solutions to keep your project on track. 

The best part of working with Natalie was the reassurance that the finished spaces would have quality furnishings, were expertly coordinated and were exactly the type of look that we loved. The entire process was so easy and stress-free! I would recommend Natalie to anyone who wants to have fun with decorating a space. 


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