A Fresh and Funky Spa Makeover 

Your decor should express your personality.

Sure, neutrals are nice. But if you LOVE colour, your home should reflect that. If patterns make your heart pitter-patter, use them! 

Don’t be afraid to create a space that is unique to you. By playing with bold colours and statement patterns, you can design a space with personality and pizazz. 

That’s exactly what I did for my client’s basic bathroom. It was a large space that lacked personality and usable storage space, and was completely at odds with their fun and funky style. My clients wanted something that spoke to their aesthetic and made the most of the square footage available.

Use existing decor as inspiration.

If there is a room or accent in your home that you love, why not use it elsewhere, too?

My clients have a teal closet that they absolutely adore. The colour speaks to them, so we decided to use that colour in the new bathroom as well. Pulling that colour from the closet not only draws the eye, it creates a cohesive flow. We did the shower tile and key accent pieces done in the same gorgeous teal for a splash of colour and personality. 

There is no need to replace absolutely everything when you re-design a space. We kept the existing light fixtures – they look much more modern and funky in the new space!

Go bold with patterns.

Patterns can really pack a design punch. And there is no need to stick with just one! The trick with pairing patterns is to blend simple and complex patterns, and to incorporate different sizes. 

The large black hexagon tile makes a bold statement. It pairs beautifully with the much smaller black and white shower floor, creating a nice contrast. The custom drapery has a small and complex pattern that also plays wonderfully off the clean black hexagons. 

Get rid of unused space.

Don’t feel limited by what already exists! If something doesn’t add value to your design or isn’t usable, replace it with something that works better. 

This space had some awkward angles and unused space. We got rid of drywall boxes and designed a beautiful custom vanity with a laundry hamper and storage tower to make the most of the space.

Their existing shower was large but not functional – there was no bench or storage. Adding both made the shower not only more aesthetically pleasing, but more practical too!

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