Blissful Bathroom Escape

Creating a soothing spa vibe in your bathroom renovation

When it comes to renovations, few projects hold as much promise and excitement as revitalizing your primary bathroom.

It’s the place where you start your day with a fresh perspective and wind down in tranquil moments of solitude. Taking a tired, dated bathroom and turning it into a blissful oasis is not only one of the most worthwhile investments you can make in your home, it can be a major lifestyle upgrade.

With a leaky shower and aging finishes, this space was due for a makeover. As avid runners, my clients looked forward to a relaxing soak after going for a run, so a luxurious soaker tub was at the top of their wish list. We went on a quest to find them the perfect tub, and when we found the right one, the rest of the layout fell into place around it.

The original bathroom’s angled shower and tub were awkward and made the space feel dated. We kept the new shower and tub in the same location but positioned them seamlessly along the entire length of the wall, opening the space.

On the opposite wall, the vanity also stayed in the same location, although it bears no resemblance to what was there before. Not only was the original vanity lacking in storage, but it was also too short for my clients, who are on the taller side. We custom-designed the new double vanity with ample storage and installed it so that the height was perfect for the homeowners.

Taking cues from the rest of the home, we chose a soothing, neutral colour palette for a warm, spa-like vibe. Creamy white wall tile, paint, cabinetry and walls kept the space fresh and bright, while a rich wood-grain floor tile added texture and contrast.

Despite the bathroom’s soothing simplicity, a closer look reveals many thoughtful custom details. From raising the vanity height and adding a convenient plug on the side of the cabinets to the eye-catching accent tile in the shower and bathtub niches, these extra touches enhance both the beauty and function of the space.

Combining different metal finishes is another great way to add to the custom look. In this bathroom, we combined chrome fixtures with black hardware and accents, tied together by the vanity light fixture featuring a mix of both finishes.

This stunning renovation is a great reminder that a bathroom is more than just a functional space—it can be a sanctuary for rejuvenation. The pursuit of the perfect bathtub not only led to a practical upgrade, but also sparked a transformation that breathed new life into every corner of this once-dated room.

What my clients said

We were looking for help to undertake the renovation of our aging ensuite bathroom. It was in poor shape and I found the vast number of options available overwhelming. 

When I found CPI Interiors and Natalie Cox Design, I liked what I saw in her rooms and I couldn’t have made a better choice for a project manager. Natalie designed an ensuite that is practical, easy to clean and looks fantastic. She is a pleasure to work with, listens and provides options, and handles the inevitable renovation challenges swiftly. 

I would highly recommend Natalie to anyone who is considering an update to their space. The “blissful bathroom escape” is wonderful to have and I weep with joy every time I step in that shower!

Jill Glover

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