FUNctional Bathroom Makeover

Do you ever drive by older neighbourhoods in your city and think the houses are so cute and charming? Or perhaps you happen to live in one of those homes?

While they are undeniably cute and charming, most were built way before modern-day building codes, and they don’t provide the functionality people crave. If you’re reading this and you’re thinking this is exactly your home, rest assured that there is a way to renovate and keep the charming style of your home, while adding functionality.

This sweet little ensuite on the third floor of this unique home needed a makeover, and we had some fun ideas to give it new life! Space was at a premium, and given the age and layout of the home, we also had to keep everything in the same location. The clients wanted the ensuite to feel larger, increase storage and add in some colour, all while keeping in the style of the home.

Interior Decorating in Ottawa, Kanata - Decorator Natalie Cox

To make this tiny space feel larger, we installed a small white hexagon tile on the floor and in the shower. The hexagon is visually interesting, while the small pattern really transformed the floor.

Interior Decorating in Ottawa, Kanata - Decorator Natalie Cox

Interior Decorating in Ottawa, Kanata - Decorator Natalie Cox

The existing shower was enclosed in solid walls, which made the shower feel very dark and small. We had to keep one of the walls because the plumbing went through it, but we removed the other one and replaced it with a beautiful custom shower enclosure. A benefit of the glass is that it allows us to get a great view of the beautiful green subway tiles. The tiles have a slight bevel to them, which gives a traditional tile a modern flair.

At this point, you are probably wondering how in the world were we able to add more storage. We replaced the outdated vanity with a beautiful custom maple vanity with two drawers. The drawers are much more functional than the previous doors, and allow the homeowner to keep everything neatly organized. We also installed a beautiful custom mirror to match the vanity, with a shelf below for toiletries. The mirror goes to the ceiling, which helps to reflect the light and make the space feel larger. We also installed three floating shelves above the toilet for small towels.

The idea of renovating your older home may feel daunting, however if you have the right team of professionals and a great plan, you will have nothing to worry about.

Check out what our client had to say about the process:

As a busy professional and mom, I was overwhelmed with the idea of choosing everything for my bathroom project. I loved the simplicity of meeting with Natalie, discussing what kind of feel I was going for in the room, and showing her my ideas. From there, Natalie was able to go away and put together a proposal that really captured my taste …and I didn’t have to set foot in Home Depot!

The best part of working with a designer is that when the reno hits a snag – and there’s always a snag! – there is someone to help navigate it for you. I am an expert in a lot of things, but faucet mounting is not one of them. It was great to have Natalie in my corner, advocating for me, and following up with the reno people.

I would (and I have!) recommended Natalie to a friend. She is a true professional. And I LOVE my bathroom!

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FUNctional Bathroom Makeover - Natalie Cox Design - Interior Decorator - Ottawa, ON