Make Way for Colour 

Where do you go to unwind at the end of a long work day?

When you’re stuck in another long day at the office and you’re imagining unwinding at home, which room do you picture yourself in?

If you’re like my recent clients, that room is the sitting room.

They recently moved into a stunning new home but there was one problem: their existing furniture wasn’t fitting in quite right. Providing them with a comfortable space was crucial as it’s where they went to unwind and spend quality time with their adorable puppy.

We took their sitting room from unfinished to vibrant and inviting with a few simple steps. 


You, too, can achieve the room of your dreams by following these handy tips and tricks.

1 Don’t be afraid to add colour

When used properly, colour is one of the most powerful design tools. It can influence your mood, make the room feel cozier, or give it the appearance of being larger without having to undergo costly renovations.

My clients’ sitting room featured a stunning blue accent wall that they liked, so we kept that and incorporated it. Thanks to strategically placed furniture and artwork, visitors to the room will feel anything but blue when they step inside.

2 Make a list of priorities

Prioritizing and planning your room is crucial when redecorating.

This room is the first view when you enter the home and it needed to be inviting and cozy while maintaining that sleek designer look and feel. 

To curate the perfect room, ask yourself a few questions:

  • How do I want this space to make me feel?: This is one of the most important questions to ask. You’ll be in this room almost everyday, so pinpointing how you want to feel is crucial. Whether you want to feel relaxed and comfortable or energized and joyful, the colours, furniture,and decor you choose will need to reflect that.
  • What will I use this space for?: If you’re like my clients and you want a space to relax, you’re going to go a different route than someone who wants a more formal entertaining area.
  • What will make the biggest difference?: What is missing from your space that will pull the whole room together? It could be something as simple as additional lighting or a bigger investment like a large sectional that’s perfect for movie nights.

3 Be mindful of the size of the room

Making sure the size of the furniture and decor is proportionate to the size of the room you’re decorating is an unskippable step in getting that coveted designer look.

That massive sectional couch may look amazing in the store, but will it fit in your space? Before you even think about buying furniture and decor, determine the length, width, and height of the room. Also consider anything else that may affect your decorating such as outlet locations and columns.

A common mistake people make is buying furniture to fit their tastes, but not to fit the room. (When you hire an experienced interior design consultant, you can have both!)

4 Add colour and texture

There are so many ways to incorporate texture: rugs, wall decor, furniture, accent pieces, and art work to name a few.

5 Hire an interior design consultant

If you want the designer look, you need to hire a designer. Rather than spending hours browsing Pinterest and other sites for ideas that might work, you can get accurate advice from a professional.

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