3 Ways You Can Make Room to Work At Home

Between remote work and online learning, many families are finding themselves short on home office space these days. It’s time to think outside the box to make sure that everyone has the space they need to work and study!

Even if you’re fortunate enough to have a dedicated home office, you’ll likely need to get creative to carve out work spaces for the entire family. Here are three ways you might be able to transform an existing space into a comfortable and efficient work zone:

1 Convert an under-used room

Project Details: Dining Room Turned Homework Zone

Many of us have a room (or multiple rooms) that are rarely used. Often, these rooms aren’t even furnished! If you have a formal living room or dining room that never gets any love, it could be the perfect space for a home office.

Designer Tip: If you’re converting a space that is visible from your foyer or main living space, make sure you include lots of storage to keep clutter at bay.

2 Create double-duty space

Project Details: From Empty Apartment to Stylish Home in 8 Easy Steps

It’s ok if you don’t have an entire extra room that can be converted to a home office. All you really need is a small corner to create a dedicated work area. Simply add a desk and chair to a guest bedroom and you have a multi-purpose space that works twice as hard (so you don’t have to!)

3 Get creative

Credit: EH Design

If space is really at a premium in your home, you may need to get extra creative! How about placing a narrow desk along a wall in a mudroom? Built-ins can also be a great option for combining work and storage space. And speaking of storage – you could even transform a bedroom closet into a functional work space by installing a desk surface and shelving.

There’s no doubt it can be challenging to work and live in the same space, especially if you need to accommodate multiple people. But with a little ingenuity, it’s possible to create dedicated areas for the whole family to be productive and happy working at home.

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