5 Ways Our Basement Renovation Changed Our Lives

I know, that’s a pretty big statement, but it is absolutely true and I’m going to share with you 5 ways our basement renovation changed our lives.

1 It gave my husband and I our adult space back

Our kids are 18 months apart and when they were little, it was easier for them to be near us so that we could be sure they were safe. Once they hit 5 and 6, we noticed that we had a bit of freedom again and that we were actually able to have a conversation while they were awake. We liked that, a lot. Finishing the basement allows them space to have their crazy conversations and for us to have a bit of quiet upstairs. It’s blissful!

2 It enabled us to keep a tidier main floor so that we can entertain more often

Every night before dinner we would have to clear off the dining room table of Lego and crafts in order to set it for supper. Sometimes that would take a while and dinner would be delayed. All the toys now live in the basement so we simply call them up to set the table. The table and family room are free of toys and ready for company whenever the mood strikes.

3 It gave the kids a place to be creative and not have to tidy up right away

Our little guys love to create and giving them the space to set up a painting project or a stop motion Lego set that they can leave and come back to has been so great for them. We are fine if the space gets a little messy down there as it means they are being creative. Paper bits on the floor, no problem. Half finished art project, no big deal. We love that there is room for them to display their artwork on the walls too.

4 It gave the kids space to entertain their friends

We live in a fantastic neighbourhood filled with kids of similar ages. Many of their school friends live walking distance away. We’ve always wanted a house where kids felt comfortable dropping in unannounced to play. Now that the kids are older, they have freedom to go back and forth between houses as long as we know where they are. They love bringing friends home because they know the basement is their space to play. There is even a little fridge down there for drinks and snacks.

5 It gave us another place for house guests to sleep so that we can host more family events

Last, but not least, I love having the extra room to house more sleeping guests. We had an old futon that we placed down there that easily transforms into a bed. The future plan is to get a sectional with a pull out bed option. The half wall we added serves so many purposes. It makes a great counter for eating pizza while watching a movie and it also makes the sleeping space cozier when we have guests over.

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Life Changing Basement Renovation - Natalie Cox Design - Interior Decorator - Ottawa, ON

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