A Modern Boho Retreat from Concept to Reality

When it comes to renovating your house or redecorating a room, not everyone has the same ability to visualize. By hiring a decorator for full service design, the added bonus is that you don’t need this ability at all. Every step in our process is arranged to allow you to see exactly what the final result will look like, all before any pieces are ordered.

My first meeting with these clients was in their newly built home. We started with a house tour so that I could get to know their overall style. I was able to tell they weren’t afraid of colour based on some decisions they already made in their living room.

At the end of the tour, we ended up in the rooms they wanted to make over. They shared with me that although they were in the process of decorating the main floor, they ran into decision overload when it came to their bedroom. They also wanted me to style their ensuite to create a real retreat feel for the entire space.


At this point, I also began to ask a lot of questions to really clarify the look and feel they wanted for their home. She loves plants and wanted a modern bohemian feel that had room for lots of greenery.

Before I left their house, we created a budget, a wish list and I took measurements. The first step back at the office was to create a floor plan to scale. This ensures going forward that the correct size solutions are chosen. 

Next, I began to curate a colour palette and style for the room. As mentioned in previous blog posts, artwork can be one of the best inspirations for this. I knew I wanted something that included a fresh green to bring in the colour of all the plants.

Once the overall plan was finalized, selections for each piece could be made. We chose from our trusted LIVV Home Collection. This dresser was selected to perfectly fit in the large niche which was important to make good use of that space.

Bringing the floorplan to life with a 3D rendering is often where I notice clients can really get a sense of what the final result will look like. It’s amazing how accurately the renderings depict the final look!

In these renderings, you can see how I chose wider nightstands to fill in the space on either side of the bed. With the bold wall colour behind, this created the perfect focal point.

On the other side of the room, a large mirror was placed to add interest to that wall and nicely reflect all the beautiful light.

In the final pictures you can see how closely the completed room matches the steps that came before. The marble topped nightstands are so elegant, and the bedside lamps sit perfectly in proportion to the bed frame.

The bedding is crisp and clean with a subtle pattern to create interest. The bench at the end of the bed not only adds visual interest but functionality as well as the perfect place to get ready in the mornings. .  

In the bathroom, we added coloured drapes that matched the accent wall in the bedroom to create coziness in that area. Above the vanity we installed beautiful floral wallpaper for a fun pop of colour and texture. And of course more plants!

The clients were so happy with their gorgeous modern boho retreat.

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