Bold and Colourful Mid-Century Modern Condo Renovation

Creating your dream home doesn’t mean you have to build from the ground up.

Plenty of spaces have the potential to become a reflection of you and your personality. By making bold decisions and purposeful choices, you can fill your home with the things that make you happiest.

This cheerful condo renovation shows how blending clean but bold colours with mid-century modern inspired furniture can create a balanced living space that is fun, fresh, and inviting.

When my client purchased this condo, it was very neutral with a 1990s feel. 


She wanted to transform this space into her dream home. We decided to create a fresh slate that featured all of her favourite things in a clean, colourful space.

“Clean” and “colourful” are not always words that go together. After all, when you love a colour, your instinct is to use it everywhere – why wouldn’t you want everything surrounding you to be your favourite shade of pink, or green, or yellow?

But that can easily become overwhelming. If everything around you is the same colour, it doesn’t matter how bright or bold that colour is; it’s going to become monotonous. 

Adding in contrast is important, but needs to be done with purpose. Choosing colours that complement, rather than clash, is key to making sure that your colourful space looks clean rather than cluttered. 

So how did we keep this colourful condo renovation looking clean?

Balance is key when playing with colour. 

By pairing a deep shade with crisp neutrals, your colours stand out rather than overwhelm. 

I started with the kitchen. By adding dark teal to the cabinets rather than the surrounding walls, I was able to create contrast without overwhelming the space. Adding white quartz countertops made the colour pop even more, and stainless steel appliances added a natural accent that kept the space looking clean.

Add bold and coordinated accents

Opening the space meant that the bold pop of colour in the kitchen could be brought through to the cozy living room. I started by working around the mid-century modern TV console and sectional that my client already had. By adding subtle pops of colour that complemented the rich teal used in the kitchen, I was able to create a fresh and balanced look.

Use artwork to inspire and bring everything together

The final step in bringing everything together was the commissioned artwork on the living room wall. By using lighter shades in the same colour family as the deep teal in the kitchen, this beautiful landscape painting added a fun flair to this mid-century modern makeover.

Going for a “clean” look doesn’t mean you need to go neutral. As long as your design decisions are purposeful, finding the right balance between colours and styles will keep your space from feeling chaotic.

Here’s what my clients had to say about their experience:

I recently worked with Natalie to renovate my new home, including a complete kitchen redesign, and I am so pleased with the result. Natalie took the time to find out more about my personal style, and she was able to incorporate elements into the design that make the space feel just like home. As a busy professional, I also appreciate that Natalie took care of all aspects of the renovation from the design to managing the contractors to the final touches. She was always available to answer questions and provide helpful advice.

Chelsea Clogg – Ottawa

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