Farmhouse Bathroom Oasis with a Modern Touch

Do you wake up every morning and get ready for work in a dark and dreary bathroom and dream of transforming your space into an oasis designed just for you?

Louise and Rod were doing just that and they called me in to help them turn their ensuite into a room they looked forward to spending time in!

It all starts with a meeting in your home

At our consultation, they took me on a tour of their home and I noticed that they had a very warm and welcoming style. When we ended up in the master bathroom, it was evident that this space did not match the style of the rest of their lovely home.

Big changes


The bathroom was very dark and dreary. The corner tub was hard to get into and therefore underused as a place to relax. Louise mentioned a love for white walls and I was excited to breathe new life into the space.


I was very much inspired by an iron art piece that they had in their current space. It had a classic old world feel and I knew that I could incorporate it in a fresh way.

Wow factor

Knowing that they both wanted a freestanding tub, I decided to take a chance and propose a beautiful modern tub with a black exterior. They loved it! I knew that this would be show stopping against the white ship lap walls.

The porcelain tile on the floor and in the shower is reminiscent of marble, however much easier to care for. We added the warmth found in the rest of their house by using a wood vanity that looks like a piece of old furniture. Adding black accents in other elements in the room added balance within the space.

The white walls weren’t the only thing that brightened up this room. We added potlights and sconces that bounced the light around the room and created a lot of different levels of lighting.

They love their new room!

Award winning

This room won 2nd Place in the 34th International Dream Room Awards Competition! When I told Louise and Rod that it won, this is what Louise had to say:

As I was getting ready in the bathroom this morning, I was thinking about how much I love it. It’s so clean, calming and timeless… It’s so strange that you shared your good news with us today.

Congratulations on the award! You absolutely deserve it. You are a very talented designer. It was such a pleasure to work with you and Erik. We have shared your name and coordinates with friends and will continue to do so. Until the next project!

Louise MacDonald

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