How to use “stress-free” and “awesome kitchen renovation” in the same sentence

At CPI Interiors, we specialize in full service kitchen renovations. You may have heard about renovation nightmares and be wondering what makes our process different. Here are 10 reasons why our clients love our full service renovations.

1 We think about more than the cabinets

We take care of selecting all the details to finish the project (flooring, paint colours, hardware, grout colour, lighting, furniture, and window treatments).

2 We take the time to get to know you and how you will use the space

On the home tour during our initial consultation, I’ll ask a lot of questions. Do you like to bake, entertain or order in take out? Who uses the kitchen? How tall are they? 


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3 We design custom kitchens that can make use of every inch of space

We specify true custom cabinets that can be made to fit your unique space and needs. Our drawers are dovetailed solid wood and are built to last.

4 We can recommend elements that work well based on experience and past client feedback

For example, zero radius sinks, while beautiful and sleek, collect food in the corners that is hard to clean. 

5 We can design the kitchen to coordinate with the style of the rest of your home

We take into account not only your home’s interior style, but the exterior as well. Your neighborhood can also dictate the style of kitchen that will suit your home best. 

Project Details: Full Service Design from the Ground Up

6 We connect you with an insured and trusted contractor

Our contractors love working with us because we have all the details ironed out before the project starts. If there are questions during construction, they know they can reach us and we work with them and our clients to find solutions. 

7 We provide all the costs up-front at the design presentation

Since we include the contractor at the planning stage, they are aware of all the details of the job. If that means getting a permit or hiring an engineer, those costs will be included before the project starts, not an unwelcome surprise down the road. When you work with us, we take great pride in sticking to the original price quoted. Rarely is there a circumstance we don’t foresee.

8 We have excellent after care service

Our service doesn’t end when the project is over. If you ever have a question or concern about your kitchen, reach out to us!


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9 We can design other rooms of your home at the same time 

Once you decide to renovate your kitchen, you may want to also update the rest of the main level to match. We can do furniture plans and select pieces from our curated LIVV Home Collection. Having one designer for the project can ensure that the vision is cohesive. 

10 We are prompt at getting back to you 

Communication is so important. We try to anticipate your questions and answer them before you ask. If you do have questions, we bend over backwards to get back to you quickly. ( I just knew those yoga classes were going to pay off 😊 )

If you are thinking about doing a renovation in the next year, reach out early. With the lockdown last year and an increase in folks investing in their homes, we are booking up quickly. We recommend reaching out at least 6-8 months before you would like the project to be completed. We look forward to helping you with your renovation!

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