Make the Most of Every Inch in Your Home!

The problem

You know that room in your house that is hidden behind doors so it becomes the catch all space for everything? It’s always the last room in the house to get cleaned because you know it’s going to take forever, and, who has time?

You tell yourself it’s okay because it’ll look like a tornado went through it by the end of the day anyway, so what’s the point? This train of thought works until your daughter can’t find her hockey helmet and practice is in fifteen minutes and your son is somehow missing a boot and if you were wearing both boots when you got home how did you lose one? And in that moment you dream of a space where everything has a place.

If this sounds like you, it doesn’t have to be a dream. It’s no secret that a well planned and organized space saves you time and frustration.

The dream

This family wanted a more functional mudroom/laundry room. There was very little storage and so everything got piled on the countertop and shoved into the closet. They also wanted a home for their hockey bags so they could easily grab them and go.

The solution

In order to accommodate all of their storage requirements, we designed beautiful custom cabinetry. The tall cabinets were designed specifically for the hockey bags, as well as coat and boot storage. Since they go to the ceiling we had shelf space above the hanging rods for baskets that can house hats and mittens. These cabinets function extremely well for a busy family.

Above the laundry units we installed an upper cabinet for laundry detergent as well as a hanging rod to dry clothes. A small cabinet to the right of the washer and dryer gives a home to extra cleaning products. It was important that there was broom storage so we designed a shallow and wide cabinet that is perfect for their brooms and hand vacuum.

The sink stayed below the window, however drawers to the left of the sink cabinet provides much more functional storage.

When designing this space we measured everything existing they wanted to store, from hockey bags to jackets. Working with a designer ensures that nothing is overlooked and everything is included.

Added lighting ensures this space always feels bright and fresh!

What my clients have to say:

Working with Natalie on our basement and mudroom redesign was such a relief. She helped us plan our space and made the process so much easier. She presented options but didn’t overwhelm us which made decision making so much easier for me. We are so happy with the process and the finished product. We will enjoy our spaces for years to come!

Carey MacKinnon – Orleans

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