Pop-Up Trailer Makeover: A Cozy Summer Oasis

What do you remember about summers growing up?

For me, it’s camping.

Every year, my family would spend time exploring the woods. We would reconnect with friends and family and find all kinds of new experiences in out-of-the-way places. I have so many memories that revolve around those beautiful summer days.

It’s an experience that I wanted to share with my kids, so in 2014, our family became the proud owners of this used pop-up trailer:

This trailer has taken us on amazing adventures. A few summers ago, it was our home-on-the-road as we spent two weeks exploring PEI. It’s been with us through all the ups and downs of camping, giving my family a place to relax and unwind in the wilderness.

I hope this little trailer is the backdrop of the childhood memories my kids will have of swimming all day, eating way too much candy and ice cream, and sitting around a cozy campfire surrounded by trees and fresh air.

And since it will be such a big part of those memories, this winter, I decided I wanted to capture that cozy feeling with a pop-up camper makeover!

Colourful Or Calming?

Sometimes the smallest spaces lead to the hardest projects.

I spent a ton of time searching online for inspiration. I was definitely not alone in the idea of remodelling a pop-up trailer! There were so many amazing possibilities that even I was overwhelmed at first.

Did I want a bright space that was popping with happy colours? Or did I want a haven of relaxation, bringing the feel of the forest into the whole space?

Staying On Budget

One of the five questions I ask all my clients is how much they want to invest in their solution. So that’s what I asked myself, as well!

I wanted to stay within a certain budget, so I opted to keep the wood-look cabinets and the counters as they were. That choice helped me find the drapery material I had been dreaming of: a warm and welcoming mix of beige and grey.

Sometimes, all it takes is one thing to make everything come together. For this project, it was the plaid fabric that I knew would be perfect for the bunks. Once I found that, things began to move quickly.

Making It Happen

To make my vision of the pop-up trailer work, I knew we would help. I’m not especially handy, so at the end of last season, I asked a trusted contractor to install the peel and stick flooring that perfectly matched the cabinets.

Next came the fabric. Over the winter, a local seamstress hemmed the drapery and re-covered the cushions, which brought a soft and relaxing feel to the inside of the trailer.

The Big Reveal

So how does the newly remodelled pop-up trailer compare?

This is the kind of place I want to spend my summer days.

Our boys commented on how cozy it made them feel. I love the relaxing style and how welcoming the space is. It’s a functional space that my family wants to use, which means we get to spend time creating even more memories in our little trailer.

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