Seasonal Switch-Up

Step-by-step guide to organizing your mud room

Be honest: when was the last time you organized your mudroom?

If you have a mudroom in your home, you’ll probably agree that it can be both a blessing and a curse. Having a dedicated space for coats, footwear, and all the paraphernalia of daily living helps keep the rest of your home clean and tidy. Over time, though, the mudroom can become a catch all for clutter, off-season outerwear, and dirt.

In my own home, we did a mini makeover to our mudroom years ago and it has served us well. A large armoire provides ample storage for our family of four. Each family member gets a drawer (in order of age) and the last one is for our dog. In the winter the drawers get filled with our warm hats, mitts and gloves. Come summer, those get swapped for our baseball hats, sunscreen and sunglasses.

When I’m designing a mud room, I like to incorporate storage solutions that are both attractive and functional, like the armoire in our home. Other options include adding shelves and baskets to an existing closet or creating a built-in solution with custom cabinetry.

Having practical storage solutions is certainly half the battle, but mudrooms still tend to get messy over time. That’s why I like to do a mudroom changeover twice a year, from winter to spring and summer to fall.

If the idea of organizing your mudroom is overwhelming, don’t panic. Turn chaos into order with these simple steps!

1. Clear the area

Removing everything from the space lets you give everything a deep clean and gives you a chance to declutter. It’s also an opportunity to look at your mudroom with fresh perspective and make sure it’s optimized for your needs. Are there any problem areas or untapped potential? Some simple tweaks like adding (or removing) seating, shelves, hooks, or freestanding storage might make it work better for your family.

2. Sort items

As you empty the shelves, hangers, and baskets, sort everything into piles. I suggest a pile for off-season items to store, a pile for items to donate or sell, and a pile for items that will be used in the coming season.

If an item doesn’t fit or you’re not using it anymore it’s time to let it go (I’m looking at you, shoes I haven’t worn since 2001 and kids mitts that are three sizes too small). I often use our local Buy Nothing Group on Facebook to pass on items that still have life in them.

3. Deep clean

Trust me, this step is satisfying! Move any furniture away from walls so you can give the entire space a thorough cleaning. Dust, vacuum and mop, then put the furniture back in place.

4. Store

Find a place to store off-season items to free up space for the things you’ll be using regularly. This could be in a guest room closet, under a bed, or even in a bin on a high shelf in the mudroom.

Take a bit of extra time to ensure everything is clean and in good repair before you put it away for the season. Your future self will thank you!

5. Organize

Finally, put all the things you need for the current season back in the space. You can keep like items together, such as a basket or shelf dedicated to hats, or you might want to give each family member a dedicated space for their items. Think about the things you use most often, such as purses, keys or pet leashes, and ensure they are easily accessible.

Does your mudroom need a makeover? I can help with creative design ideas and functional storage solutions.

Book a 15-minute chat today to discuss your project and see if our fun design process is the right fit for you!

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