The Overlooked Detail That Completes Any Room Makeover

Have you ever walked into a room where something just seemed to be missing?

You might not have been able to put your finger on it. There might have been beautiful furniture, cozy and functional spaces, and colours you loved… but something felt unfinished.

If you’ve ever felt  like your room is missing something, but you’re not sure what, there’s a good chance that it’s the window treatments.

Drapery and blinds may not be the first thing you notice when you walk into a room, but their absence is one of the first things you would notice.

Window treatments set the stage for your room makeover. They are a powerful detail when you want to change the look or feel of your home that can tie together a space, create a cohesive look with your design, and add that professional finishing touch that creates a space you will love.

1 Custom window treatments add texture and colour to your space.

Think of your room like a photograph.

Your window coverings are the perfect way to bring a splash of colour into a room without overwhelming the space. Whether the room is large or small, they add a focal point that creates depth and  visual interest in the space. They may not be the overall subject of the photo, but the texture and colour helps create an overall “picture” of where you are and how you want the space to make you feel.

Window coverings also add bold textures to spaces. Bringing in texture adds depth and interest to your room in a way that’s not overwhelming.

2 Window coverings set the tone of the room

Window coverings are as much about function as they are style. Drapery can change the entire feel of a room. Getting a custom solution for your windows allows you to personalize that feel even more by choosing from the many unique fabrics and patterns. 

Another key function of window coverings is their ability to provide privacy. Remember that whatever you can see out during the day, is what your neighbours can see in at night. 

3 Window treatments add dimension to your space

Drapery that is mounted high and wide makes your windows appear wider and your ceilings appear taller. Instead of feeling like your design stops at a certain level, window treatments draw your eye up and create balance in the room.

Investing in custom window treatments means you are getting something that compliments your style and fits perfectly into your space. To find the perfect finishing touch for your home, book a 15 minute chat to see if our fun design process is right for you!

Getting the perfect size, style, and colour of window treatments off the shelf is unlikely. By investing in custom window treatments, you get something that functions better because it’s made for the space you have.

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