Top 3 Reasons to Add an Accent Wall

There’s some lively debate about whether accent walls are outdated. There are still many reasons why they can work in current designs in a way everyone can appreciate and love.

Here are my top 3 reasons I still recommend accent walls: 

1 To create an instant focal point

In a bedroom, depending on the rest of the decor, an accent wall can create a  dramatic focal point. I always recommend placing the accent wall behind the bed. 

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In this minimalist bedroom, the dark blue grey accent wall creates a cozy backdrop. This is Benjamin Moore – Flint, one of my favourites! 

2 To provide a visual separation for big open spaces

In open concept spaces like basements or great rooms, accent walls serve to differentiate between different zones of activity. You could have an accent wall behind a dining room table or behind a desk. 

Project Details: From Empty Apartment to Stylish Home in 8 Easy Steps

In this small condo there were french doors to the second bedroom from the living room making furniture placement very difficult. The solution was custom made wood veneer wall panels placed behind the sofa. This enabled us to create a very functional layout in the living room and had the added bonus of separating the living room from the dining room visually. 

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In this townhome, the dark teal makes this small dining room appear larger and was a great way to add colour to this open concept room. This colour is Benjamin Moore – Dragonfly. 

3 To add bold colour that doesn’t overwhelm

If you are thinking of adding a mural or bright wall colour, using it on an accent wall is a brilliant way to be bold and yet not overpower the room. Of course you need to make sure the same bold colour appears elsewhere so that the room has a unified look.

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In this bedroom I used a very vibrant deep pink on the wall behind the bed. This is Benjamin Moore – Crushed Velvet. The drapery, art and throw cushions bring in the same colour while everything else is fairly neutral. This ensures the room is balanced and your eye has a place to rest. 

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In this child’s room I was even more daring with a vibrant floral wall mural. If this mural was on all 4 walls it would be too much, however on one wall it ties the colour scheme of the room together beautifully. 

Adding an accent wall for any reason, gives you an easy, affordable, flexible design element that can reflect your unique personality.

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